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Burj Al Arab Tours

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Burj Al Arab Breakfast
Burj Al Arab Lunch
Burj Al Arab Dinner
Snacks and Cocktails
Afternoon Tea

Tour includes pick up and drop off to the Hotel

Price: AED 450 / USD 123

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....Tower of the Arabs....

Burj Al Arab is considered as one of the most Luxurious hotel in the world, and the national symbol of Dubai for it was built to resemble the sail of a dhow, and in the heart of world's tallest atrium flanked by the golden columns you can enjoy the taste of the finest fine dine in from Arabic to far east Asian buffet Mediterranean and an afternoon tea while enjoying the views that will really complete your day

Burj Al Arab Hotel also known as 7 star hotel, the Dubai's most world famous Hotel which is built inside the sea at the lovely Jumeirah Beach with the hieght of 321 meters and specially in the night time Burj Al Arab refers an unforgettable sight, surrounded by the rainbow colours sculptures of water and fire. The Burj Al Arab hotel is also very famous because of its unique style of building , wonderfull beach and restaurants etc.

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